My work examines intersections of identity, emotions, and technology in contexts ranging from social media to identity-based mobile apps to artificial intelligence (e.g., emotion AI). Centering humans’ identities and emotions, my work spans social media’s role in processes like self-disclosure, privacy management, social support, and sensemaking in times of emotional distress or when facing forms of marginality such as stigma; how social computing system designs and algorithmic systems (fail to) account for the needs, identities, and values of marginalized individuals; and human-centered approaches to uncovering and anticipating technological developments’ (most recently and in the next few years emotion artificial intelligence) harms and benefits especially for marginalized individuals and communities. This research agenda seeks to inform theory, design, activism, and policy for socio-technical futures that foreground the values and needs of marginalized individuals to support qualities such as wellbeing, justice, privacy, ethics, and equity.

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