For exciting projects such as the $16M ARA PAWR project (https://arawireless.org/) and the $20M ICICLE AI Institute project (https://icicle.ai/), a Postdoc/Research-Scientist position is available for wireless and edge systems for rural broadband, 5G and beyond. One key mission is to establish a large-scale, first-of-its-kind wireless living lab encompassing bleeding-edge technologies and innovation platforms (e.g., those for free-space optical communications, mmWave, massive MIMO, LEO satcom, URLLC, communications and networking softwarization, AR/VR, and precision agriculture) and to collaborate with a broad ecosystem of public-private partners in advancing the frontiers of wireless systems, edge/cloud computing, and rural broadband. In addition, the position offers opportunities of shaping the development of the Center for Wireless, Communities and Innovation (https://wici.iastate.edu/). More detailed information about the position can be found at https://wici.iastate.edu/career/.

Interested candidates are encouraged to email Hongwei Zhang (ude.etatsai@iewgnoh) with relevant background information (e.g., education, experience, transcripts, and/or publications) and the names of up to three references. Applications will be considered until the positions are filled.