The long-term goal of my research is A-STAR: agents that

– see (or more generally perceive their environment through vision, audition, or other senses),
– talk (i.e. hold a natural language dialog grounded in their environment),
– act (e.g. navigate their environment and interact with it to accomplish goals), and
– reason (i.e., consider the long-term consequences of their actions).

Here are some representative projects from my lab:
– Vision-and-language: Visual Question Answering (https://visualqa.org/), Visual Dialog (https://visualdialog.org/)
– Embodied AI: Habitat: A Platform for Embodied AI (https://aihabitat.org/), Decentralized Distributed PPO (https://ai.facebook.com/blog/near-perfect-point-goal-navigation-from-25-billion-frames-of-experience/), Embodied Question Answering (https://embodiedqa.org/)
– Explainable, Unbiased, Trustworthy AI: Grad-CAM Visual Explanations (https://arxiv.org/abs/1610.02391)

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